Golem Launches on Ethereum Mainnet

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A year and a half after completing its successful $8 million ICO, Golem's "Brass" beta is up and running on the Ethereum mainnet.

Golem is proud to announce we have finally launched our Brass Beta into mainnet.

Golem announced itself to the market as the "Airbnb" for computers, allowing users to 'rent' their unused computational power on its network, creating a worldwide networked supercomputer that provides proportional compensation for both GPU and CPU processing power.

The concept of cloud supercomputing is not a new one to the computer science community - IBM, Nvidia and Amazon Web Services are just a few of companies providing rentable high-performance computing platforms for customers needing to crunch huge datasets.

Communities supporting distributed computing have existed as far back as 1996, where projects such as the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search relied on volunteers to donate their spare processing power and bandwidth to enable Mathematics researchers to compute Mersenne prime numbers.

While Golem's long-term goal is to provide a more cost-effective open-source alternative to current cloud computing platforms, the team has chosen to narrow down their target specifically to graphics rendering during their Beta release.

The Golem team has chosen this to be the testing ground for their software, allowing users to spend GNT tokens in exchange for rendering power on the free open source software Blender.

Alongside this version update, Golem has announced a bug bounty competition.

This will allow developers to test the new software and help the main team of Golem developers weed out any problems.

Once the initial trial process is over, the Golem Network plans to bring a more general purpose computational cloud online.