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Ethereum Price Hits 2-Year High as ETH Futures Open Interest Tops $1.5B
Today the price of Ethereum's Ether hit a two-year high according to data from crypto trading terminal Crryptowatch.
First Litecoin-Native Visa Debit Card Is Being Launched
Listen to article The first Litecoin native Visa debit card is being launched by BlockCard.
Grayscale Investments Enjoys Its Best Week Ever After National Ad Blitz
Listen to article Grayscale Investments had its best fundraising week in history following an ad blitz on a number of major television networks.
Law Decoded: How Long Is the Arm of the Law? August 7-14
Every Friday, Law Decoded delivers analysis on the week's critical stories in the realms of policy, regulation and law.
4 takeaways from the Winklevoss Twins' Bitcoin rendezvous with Barstool's Portnoy
On Aug. 13, the enigmatic sports, gaming, and investing celebrity was visited by the Winklevoss Twins - Tyler Winklevoss and Cameron Winklevoss, co-founders of the Gemini crypto exchange and Bitcoin billionaires.
OKEx May Delist Ethereum Classic If It Doesn't Upgrade Its Security
ETC is facing delisting from OKEx in the wake of a 51% attack that cost the exchange $5.6 million.
Price Analysis 8/14: BTC, ETH, XRP, LINK, BCH, BSV, LTC, ADA, BNB, CRO
If the bulls can scale the price above $0.307301, a rally to the $0.326113-$0.346727 resistance zone is likely.
US Postal Service Files Blockchain Voting Patent Following Trump Cuts
Is it enough to meaningfully resist election fraud?
TradingView Confirms It: People Love Bitcoin And Tesla
Bitcoin and Tesla are the talk of the town throughout the USA. 97 Total views.
Ethereum Classic Community Divided Over Charles Hoskinson's Proposed Treasury Protocol
Charles Hoskinson presented his idea for a decentralized treasury protocol to the Ethereum Classic community during a Discord call on August 13.
Crypto.com will sell Bitcoin at "50% off" in September, here's why |
Hong Kong-based crypto exchange and card provider Crypto.com is launching an attractive competition for Bitcoin fanatics in September, ahead of its "Public beta" exit.
Enter Facebook Financial: All Bases Covered From Crypto to Stablecoins
Despite regulators across the board giving a cold shoulder to Facebook's ambitious plan to install a worldwide crypto-based payment system called Libra, the company's enthusiasm for moving into the digital payments space is only mounting.
Walmart Adds Crypto Cashback Through Shopping Loyalty Platform StormX
Listen to article Gamified shopping loyalty platform StormX will now let its users earn cashback in cryptocurrencies when shopping at Walmart.
UK Crackdown Pulls Thousands of Crypto Scams Offline
Listen to article Over the past four months, the National Cyber Security Centre, or NCSC, removed over 300,000 URLs pertaining to fake celebrity-endorsed investment opportunities.
Will Bitcoin Break $12,000? 4 Things to Know Heading Into the Weekend
This week, the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market roared into Monday like a lion only to end the week more like a lamb.
The Yam Protocol Will Migrate Old Tokens to an Audited Contract
Listen to article After the original Yam Finance protocol collapsed due to a single line of code, its developers are planning to relaunch the project on new, audited smart contracts.
Diversity and Inclusion in Blockchain and Crypto: The Gender Aspect
When we talk about financial inclusion, we have to think about inclusion for whom, in what context, and what inclusion itself means.
6 Questions for Justin Rice of Stellar Development Foundation
This week our 6 Questions go to Justin Rice, Head of Ecosystem at the Stellar Development Foundation.
'How Can You Be Bearish?' Asks Bitcoin Trader as Tether Surpasses $12B
The market capitalization of Tether surpassed $12 billion as of Aug. 14, according to cryptocurrency market analytics firm Coinmetrics.
MicroStrategy Buying Bitcoin Shows Institutional Investors Seek to De-Risk
Bitcoin adoption by big-money players is once again on the agenda following the recent $250 million BTC purchase by MicroStrategy.
Ethereum developers already want to launch YAM 2.0 after 90% price drop
Whatever the case, Yam's developers, of which there are five, are already looking to launch a second iteration fo the community-favorite protocol.
Swipe Is the Latest Project to Integrate Chainlink's Price Oracles
The rising price of Link will not deter Swipe's march to decentralization.
Craig Wright Won't Need to Pay Hodlnaut $60K Until Appeal Is Over, Says Counsel
Craig Wright, a self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator, is apparently not required to pay legal fees for a failed libel suit against the Twitter crypto enthusiast known as Hodlonaut.
Bitcoin a Hedge Against Elon Musk Mining Asteroid Gold, Say Winklevoss Twins
The Winklevoss Twins apparently think that space mining is just around the corner.
Thailand's Central Bank Eyes DeFi Use Cases for Its Digital Baht
Thailand's central bank is looking at smart contracts and decentralized finance implementations for its national digital currency, the digital baht.
Bitcoin Proceeds of COVID-19 Business Support Scheme Fraud Seized
The $150,000 worth of Bitcoin was allegedly being used to launder money gained through fraudulent support loan applications on behalf of dummy businesses.
Data analyst: Ethereum transaction fees will put a "hard cap" on DeFi bull run
"The ghost chain reckoning is coming. There is well over $50bn in market cap value for chains no one uses. They will all be usurped by DeFi apps with actual use by the end of this market cycle."
20 Top Universities Join Oasis Blockchain Network's Data Program
The Oasis Foundation has announced a new University Program, bringing together blockchain societies from leading universities like MIT and Cornell.
Vitalik Buterin Says He Never Tried Yield Farming, Suggests to Evaluate Risks First
Vitalik Buterin said he did not personally engage in any yield farming for tokens on decentralized finance.
China Expands Digital Yuan Trials to Beijing and Neighboring Provinces
While there is not yet a set time for the expanded pilot program to begin, a policy framework should be complete by the end of 2020.