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109,325,541 ETH
Panoramica su Ethereum
Ethereum è una piattaforma decentralizzata del Web 3.0 per la creazione e pubblicazione peer-to-peer di contratti intelligenti (smart contracts) creati in un linguaggio di programmazione Turing-completo.
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Consenso Ethereum
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Prodotto completamente funzionante
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53 months
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Open Source
Vitalik Buterin
Jeffrey Wilcke
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Ethereum 1.x Devs Focusing on 'Stateless Clients' to Curb Chain Bloat
While Ethereum continues to develop the next stage of its evolution with the sharding-enabled Ethereum 2.0, a group of developers will focus on the existing chain to maintain its operability during the transition.
Price Analysis Jan 17: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, EOS, BNB, ETC, TRX
For now, the traders can retain the stops at $150, which can be trailed higher after the pair scales above $173.841.XRP/USD. XRP dipped to the neckline of the inverted head and shoulders pattern on Jan. 16 but the bulls defended this level, which is a positive sign.
This technical formation could mean Ethereum is in for massive short-term upside
It has grown increasingly unclear in recent times as to whether or not the aftermath of the recent uptrend seen by Bitcoin and major altcoins like Ethereum marks any type of fundamental shift in market structure, or if it is simply another lower-high that will be followed by further losses.
NBA team introduces Ethereum-based auction platform for $5.4 billion sports memorabilia industry
The Sacramento Kings, an NBA basketball team, has partnered with ConsenSys, the leading Ethereum development studio, to introduce a new auction platform that handles live bidding on in-game sports gear using a supply chain product called Treum.
NBA Team Auctioning Basketball Star's Jersey on Ethereum Blockchain
The Sacramento Kings will auction off starting guard Buddy Hield's jersey from Wednesday's game against the Dallas Mavericks using a blockchain-powered marketplace.
EEA Partners With Whiteblock to Offer New Testnet With Controlled Environment
Members of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance can now test their blockchain applications within a new testnet, which does not require a full-scale roll-out.
Price Analysis Jan 15: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, EOS, BNB, TRX, XMR
Its dominance rate, which had risen above 69% on Jan. 8, dipped below 66% on Jan 15.
Crypto Exchange Upbit Finishes Security Update in Response to 2019 Hack
Strengthening its walls after a hack in late 2019, South Korean crypto exchange Upbit has finished a security upgrade for the wallets on its exchange platform, restoring functionality once again.
Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Launches Testing Ground for Blockchain Interoperability
The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, the standards group where finance and other industries explore private versions of ethereum technology, has launched a testing ground to bring about certified, branded and harmonized business uses by the end of 2020.The EEA TestNet will operate as a pre-certification sandbox, where forks of ethereum can be standardized according to certain specifications set out previously by the EEA, which will make them interoperable with each other.
JPMorgan Spinoff Kadena Launches Public Blockchain, Integrates Wallet to Cosmos Network
Stuart Popejoy speaks at Construct 2017.Crypto startup Kadena's public blockchain launched Wednesday, adding interoperable smart contract support between the public chain and its private chain counterparts.