Gaining Mass Adoption: Blockchain Platform Converts Users Fame Into Coffee and Clothes

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Mithril, a decentralized platform that rewards content creators on social networks, told Cointelegraph that they are working on expanding the acceptance of its MITH token merchant network into different categories, such as coffee shops, restaurants, sports clothing and adult entertainment platforms.

According to Mithril, users are now able to purchase concert tickets with its tokens.

Citing "Deep connections" of Mithril's founder, Jeffrey Huang, in the Asian entertainment industry, a company spokesman told Cointelegraph that it will continue offering users the possibility to spend their MITH tokens on celebrity-related services and events.

Brought to life by the rise of influencer culture phenomenon, Mithril promises its content creating users "Followers, fortune and fame." This association with successful artists may help to boost its standing and exposure, the team hopes.

Mithril is available hereInstant liquidityIn a move to cater to speculators, Mithril started by creating a mechanism called VAULT, an all-dimensional vault for managing digital assets.

To enable legally compliant, large withdrawals from VAULT, Know Your Customer tools went live on the Mithril platform on April, 11.

Migration to Binance ChainIn April, Mithril became one of the first blockchain projects to move to Binance Chain, the new decentralized crypto exchange created by the Binance community.

"As Mithril continues to gain real-world usage through Mithril Merchant Network partners in media and entertainment, food and beverage, retail clothing, and events management," such benefits "Have become crucial to the success of our ecosystem," the team adds.

Social miningMithril technology is based on the concept of "Social mining." Social network platform users acquire MITH tokens by producing and uploading content on social media, as well as interacting with other users on platforms that support this social mining technology.

Currently, social mining is supported on Yeemos, an anonymous social platform, and PiePie, an emerging crypto-based social network app, which was created by Mithril partner company M17 Entertainment Media.