The Great Crypto Experiment Continues

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Y Bromberg is the co-founder and president of CoinList, a platform for token sales.

Regulators gave encouraging crypto guidance while also putting Libra and projects like Kik and Telegram in their crosshairs.

For our business and the larger token sale space, we continued to see investors eager to back quality projects.

Algorand ran a Dutch Auction sale on our platform where participants set and paid a uniform, market-determined price per token to ensure fairness and transparency - some of the core tenets of the project.

There were projects like Blockstack that were the first to conduct a Reg A+ token sale.

Public sales are increasingly used primarily as a mechanism to distribute tokens.

In other words, token sales survived the crypto winter.

Based on what we're seeing today, public sales are increasingly used primarily as a mechanism to distribute tokens to a broad array of stakeholders, with the capital raise being a secondary consideration.

A lot of the continued viability of crypto projects and token sales alike hinges on the SEC and other regulators.

Some members of government were more supportive of crypto - including SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce, who called for a safe harbor for crypto projects, so tokens meeting specified criteria could be traded more freely, enabling a more open crypto ecosystem.