5 Bearish Candlestick Patterns Every Bitcoin Trader Must Know

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Bearish HaramiThe Bearish Harami is a two candle pattern that signals a likely reversal in price.

To be valid, the second candle must be completely within the range of the body of the first candle.

Another notable version of this pattern is the Bearish Harami Cross, where the second candle is a perfect doji.

The first candle is generally large, always green, and is followed by a similar red candle.

The second candle opens with a gap up to a fresh high but closes the session more than halfway into the body of the first day's candle.

The Evening StarThe Evening Star is a bearish reversal pattern that appears at the top of an uptrend with a large bullish candle, followed by a gap up to a small-bodied candle and a gap down to a red candle that closes below the midpoint of the first day.

The second candlestick is the star, which has a short real body that does not touch the real body of the first candle - it is the gap between the real bodies of the two candlesticks that makes a doji or a spinning top qualify as an evening star.

This pattern is confirmed by the candlestick that follows the star, which must be a red candle that closes well into the body of the first candlestick.

The first candle is green, followed by a green or red candle that has a long upper wick and small body.

Hanging ManThe Hanging Man is a single candle pattern that indicates a likely reversal from bullish price action to bearish price action.