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Storia dei prezzi
Market Cap
284,531,962 USD
Volume 24 ore
16,335,588 USD
Rifornimento circolante
3,470,483,788 SNT
Fornitura max
0.00000 SNT
Panoramica su Status
Il termine status, derivante dalla lingua latina e significante "condizione", "posizione", "situazione" (derivato dal verbo stare, "star fermo"), indica la posizione di un soggetto in relazione a un determinato contesto sociale (gerarchia, ruolo, o stato sociale).
Metodo di consenso
Consenso Ethereum
Stato del progetto
Prototipo / Mvp
Età delle monete
32 months
N / a
Elaborazione di blocchi
Tasso di emissione
Sgonfiaggio tramite bruciatura dei token
Dimensione della comunità
Open Source
Jarrad Hope
Roman Volosovskyi
Membri del team
12 membro, 0 sviluppatori
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Status, an Ethereum Private Messenger Goes Waku on Telegram
Startup Status raised $100 M in its 2017 initial coin offering on the premise of building a private messenger based on the Whisper protocol that allows Ethereum DApps to communicate.
Nimbus Receives Ethereum Foundation Grant to Work on Light 2.0 Client
The Ethereum Foundation awarded a $650,000 grant to Nimbus for continuing its work on light Ethereum 2.0 clients, a Jan. 28 press release announced.
Bitcoin and ETH Are Commodities, While XRP's Status Is Unclear, CFTC Says
Bitcoin and Ether are commodities, while the status of XRP is still unclear, the chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission said.
Binance to Help Ukraine Prepare Cryptocurrency Legislation by End of 2019
Major global crypto exchange Binance will collaborate with Ukrainian authorities to establish cryptocurrency-related legislation in the country.
US CFTC Turns Its Fintech Lab Into an Independent Office in D.C.
The United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission gives its fintech research unit LabCFTC status as an independent operating office.
Top Fed Official Says US Central Bank 'Actively' Debating Digital Dollar
A top Federal Reserve official said Wednesday that the U.S. central bank is "Actively looking at and debating" issuance of a digital currency, amid growing worries among current and former regulators that the dollar might be at risk of losing its status as the world's reserve currency.
Ex-CFTC Chairman: US Must Create an Independent Blockchain Dollar
The ex-head of the United States' commodities regulator thinks the government must digitize the dollar and take power away from central banks.
Coinbase UK Settles Lawsuit With Victim of Email Phishing Attack
The United Kingdom arm of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase settled a two-month legal battle with a man who lost 80 Bitcoins in an email phishing attack.
French Court Clerks to Use IBM Blockchain Platform for Corporate Registry
French commercial court clerks will use a blockchain-based platform to record changes in companies' legal status within the country.
IBM Scores Nationwide Blockchain Deal With France's Commercial Court Clerks
Court clerks across France will soon be recording changes in companies' legal status on a Hyperledger blockchain built by IBM. The National Council of Clerks project has already undergone tests involving four court clerks and IT providers, IBM said Thursday, and the system is planned to go into full-scale production in the first half of 2019.