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Market Cap
826,646,056 USD
Volume 24 ore
33,320,438 USD
Rifornimento circolante
2,779,530,283 MIOTA
Fornitura max
2,779,530,283 MIOTA
Panoramica su IOTA
Iota (Ι; ι) è la nona lettera dell'alfabeto greco e si pronuncia . È una delle cinque vocali (ha, però 2 versioni fonetiche), ed è ancipite, cioè la sua quantità può essere sia lunga che breve. È detta, come la υ, vocale debole, e può formare dittongo con le vocali forti (α, ε, η, ο, ω); in caso di dittongo spurio (cioè in unione con una vocale lunga), tuttavia, la ι viene sottoscritta e non si pronuncia (ad esempio: ᾴ oppure ῷ); ma se la lettera è maiuscola la ι si ascrive pur non essendo pronunciata (ad esempio ᾼ si legge ). In caso di dittongo proprio, invece, cioè in unione con una vocale breve, la ι si ascrive e viene comunemente pronunciata.
Metodo di consenso
Consenso Ethereum
Stato del progetto
Prodotto completamente funzionante
Età delle monete
28 months
N / a
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Dimensione della comunità
Open Source
Jameson Quave
Membri del team
15 membro, 3 sviluppatori
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Iota Lays Out Plan to Re-Enable Network After 20 Days Offline
For over two weeks now, the Iota network has been down, with MIOTA token-holders being unable to facilitate any transactions since Feb. 12.
Iota Prepares to Relaunch Network in One Week
Iota began its seed migration period on Feb. 29, with plans to reopen the network around March 10.
IOTA Being Shut Off Is the Latest Chapter in an Absurdist History
We'd seen press releases about an "Official partnership" between the Germany-based IOTA Foundation and Microsoft, which the incumbent tech company later denied, as well as various universities.
Fraud Fighters: How crypto companies can stay one step ahead of the scammers
2019 was another banner year for crypto fraud that will continue to adversely impact prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum going forward as Ponzi scheme PlusToken unwinds.
IOTA Urges Trinity Wallet Users to Use Seed Migration Tool
Responsible for one of the top performing cryptocurrencies, IOTA is continuing to release new information in response to a Feb.12 hack on its official wallet.
IOTA Updates Trinity Desktop Wallet to Partly Address Recent Hack
Following an apparent hack of IOTA official wallet on Feb. 12, the IOTA Foundation has released a safe desktop version of the Trinity wallet.
IOTA takes a nosedive following Trinity wallet hack
Although the IOTA Foundation has taken different steps to prevent a further attack, IOTA plunged over 12 percent following the hack.
IOTA Foundation Suspends Network, Probes Fund Theft in Trinity Wallet
IOTA Foundation, the nonprofit behind the IOTA distributed network, recommended users close their Trinity wallets Thursday after multiple reports of fund theft.
IOTA Foundation Investigates Funds Allegedly Stolen From Trinity Wallets
The IOTA Foundation has put out a warning regarding IOTA coin wallet Trinity, and its association with stolen funds.
Dell Among Founding Members of IOTA Working Group
American computer giant Dell is among 15 companies joining an IOTA working group to explore how the firm's "Tangle" technology can be integrated into commercial solutions.