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Market Cap
109,561,956 USD
Volume 24 ore
317,587 USD
Rifornimento circolante
33,142,159 ANT
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0.00000 ANT
Panoramica su Aragon
Aragon è un comune francese di 440 abitanti situato nel dipartimento dell'Aude nella regione dell'Occitania.
Metodo di consenso
Consenso Ethereum
Stato del progetto
Versione beta
Età delle monete
19 months
N / a
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Tasso di emissione
La società deciderà
Dimensione della comunità
Open Source
Luis Cuende
Jorge Izquierdo
Membri del team
12 membro, 5 sviluppatori
Aragon Notizia
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Tim Draper Buys 2.5% of Aragon Tokens, Becomes Governance Whale
Venture capitalist Tim Draper has taken a 1 million ANT stake in Aragon, a decentralized governance project that began on ethereum.
Aragon Court Is Now in Session for Global Decentralized Judgements
Following three years of development, Aragon Court has launched aimed at operating as a digital jurisdiction and an online decentralized court.
Digital Courts Trial Decentralized Justice, Real World Weighs Verdict
The decentralized court falls under the umbrella of Aragon Association's decentralized platform that enables users to create a variety of organizations and companies.
Narrative Watch: Why 2020 Will Be the Year of the DAO
The aftershock of the 2016 hack of The DAO meant decentralized autonomous organizations weren't nearly as hyped as ICOs and, later, some other aspects of the Web3 movement.
Decentralized Aragon Court Now Onboards Jurors to Settle Real Cases
Decentralized management platform Aragon One has begun onboarding jurors for its decentralized Aragon Court set to be launched in mid-February.
DAO Platform Aragon Begins Recruiting Jurors for Tokenized 'Court'
Aragon has started the process for recruiting human jurors as the governance protocol prepares to launch its decentralized court system.
Aragon Opposes Change to Ethereum's Mining Algorithm Before 2.0 Version
The Aragon community has officially proclaimed itself against ProgPOW. ProgPOW is a proposed protocol change to the Ehereum network that would close the efficiency gap available to application-specific integrated circuits.
Aragon Expects Ethereum's Istanbul Hard Fork to Break 680 Smart Contracts
The Ethereum network's Istanbul hard fork is expected to break 680 smart contracts on the decentralized management platform Aragon.
Ethereum's Istanbul Upgrade Will Break 680 Smart Contracts on Aragon
A system-wide upgrade is coming to ethereum's Ropsten test network on Wednesday.
In Berlin, A 'DAO Renaissance' Begins
"It feels like a DAO renaissance."